A homegrown Summer

We've only got a small area for veggies and have an outdoor raised bed. But, we have a greenhouse too which come summer is filled with trailing vines. There's something special about growing your own fruit and vegetables. They taste amazing and 100% organic.

In the raised beds ...

Fresh Garden Peas ... if we're honest, we've struggled with our peas this year. But despite providing the birds with a great feast of sunflower seeds, peanuts and bird seed, the wood pigeons certainly enjoyed tucking into the seedlings. So, after sowing a second batch of peas, we had to pigeon-proof the area with double netting. Our crop wasn't great but there was enough for a couple of meals. Not the greatest return on investment, but not to be defeated we'll try them again next year!

Organic Carrots ... our raised bed is perfect to prevent the pesky carrot fly which attacks carrots that are grown at grown level. The flavour of the carrots was unbelievable. Sadly, we can't do scratch and sniff otherwise I'd share.

Broad Beans ... not a favourite veg with Mr P & I but they do well in the garden. We don't plant oceans of broad beans ... just enough for a couple of meals. And they do go well with new potatoes.

Radish ... the health benefits of radish are incredible! High in antioxidants and vitamins, especially Vitamin E. As well as enjoying with salads, we've enjoyed roasted radish with a traditional roast - divine!

Beetroot ... these lovely root veg have flourished this year and we've grown both a purple and white variety. As well as pickling in malt vinegar, we love enjoying beetroot roasted with a scattering of fresh herbs.

From the greenhouse ...

Cherry Tomatoes ... this year we've been supplying family and neighbours with our tomatoes! Mr P isn't too keen on tomatoes but will make the exception for the odd cherry tom! Judging by what's on the plants, looks like green tomato relish or ripe red tomato chutney may be on the menu too.

Cucumbers .... we prefer mini cucumbers as they stay fresh whilst you eat them up. When we've had a glut we treat ourselves to homemade Satay Chicken with cucumber salad. Delicious!

Cucamelons ... for those who don't know what a cucamelon is, our blog post may be of interest. It's the second year that we've grown cucamelons and the best way to enjoy them is definitely in a gin & tonic!

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