Best places to travel in August

August is a great time to visit Europe, but obviously with it being peak holiday season, it's the busiest too. With that in mind, we've listed a few popular places to holiday in August as well as some that are a little more far-flung or off the beaten track.

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Polar Bear Watching in Arctic Canada

Unsurprisingly, the summers in the Canadian Arctic are, well, short! But August is the perfect time to go as there's the chance to head out on a zodiac in amongst the ice and possibly have the opportunity of spotting a majestic Polar Bear. These cuddly, friendly-looking Polar Bear that we know from sitting on top of the glacier mint is just a figment of our imagination. They are definitely beautiful looking but a flash of their claws and teeth is a visible reminder of just how unfriendly these bears actually are. So, as it's best to observe these wild creatures from a very safe distance, make sure you pack a good pair or binoculars and also a camera with a good zoom lens.

Whilst in the area, learn about the fascinating culture, traditions and art - and the best place to do this is the Inuit settlement of Pangnirtung which is nestled beneath the jagged peaks of Baffin Island.

Flight Time from London: 15 hours 20 minutes (to Edmonton)

Time Difference: +5 hours

Daytime Temperatures: 5 ° C

Rainfall: 17mm


The magical beauty of this fascinating country peaks in August. Each day, Iceland enjoys 16-18 hours of daylight which gives you ample time to head out and explore.

Reykjavik isn't necessarily the prettiest city we've visited, especially when you compare it to the country's natural beauty, but the capital is a good place to start your Icelandic adventure.

During the second half of the month, the offshore waters are teeming with whales, making it great time to go whale watching. It's also the last chance you'll get to see puffins before they fly out to sea.

If it's your first time in Iceland, The Golden Circle is the most popular sightseeing routes and if time is limited, it can be comfortably done in a day. It takes in the Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area (home to the largest "Great Geysir) and the Gulfoss Waterfall.

A trip to the Blue Lagoon - the country's most visited geothermal spa is also worth doing. The milky blue warm water is unlike bathing in anything else on earth. You get used to the sulphuric smell after a short while.

Flight Time from London: around 3 hours

Time Difference: +1 hour

Daytime Temperatures: 13° C

Rainfall: 62 mm


It's Fringe time! You won't find anywhere more buzzing, vibrant and jam-packed with entertainment and culture than Edinburgh in August. World-class comedy and theatre takes over this stunning city throughout the entire month.

Book your accommodation early and expect crowds, but that's to be expected at one of the most popular festivals. Edinburgh also plays host to the International Festival with art exhibitions, orchestras and dances as well as performances at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Festival - a celebration of tradition, heritage (and bagpipes!).

Flight Time from London: 1 hour

Time Difference: 0

Daytime Temperatures: 18° C

Rainfall: 560 mm

Buenos Aires, Argentina

It's Winter in Argentina, so a visit to their capital city will be dry, cool and relatively tourist-free. Side-step the cooler temperatures and head to one of the smart steakhouses and enjoy a delicious steak washed down by a rich, Argentinian Malbec - sure to warm the cold spots.

Buenos Aires is many things: elegant, spacious and vibrant. La Boca, which is famous for street tango and brightly painted buildings retains a distinctive, colourful flair and is perhaps amongst the most photogenic places in the city. One of the most famous attractions is Recoleta Cemetery - a final resting place for the rich and famous of Argentina. The mausoleums maybe packed tightly together but they are as ornate as they are impressive. The most visited site is Eva Perón's tomb which is continually adorned with flowers and tributes from those who wish to pay their respects to this captivating First Lady.

August is also a key diary date as it's the Buenos Aires Tango Festival, which just adds to the colour, vibrancy and sexiness of this city. Tango performances, classes and concerts happen all over the city so bag yourself a top people-watching spot.

Flight Time from London: 13 hours 30 minutes

Time Difference: -4 hours

Daytime Temperatures: 17° C

Rainfall: 50 - 65 mm


While much of South East Asia is in the midst of monsoon season, Bali is typically warm, dry and sunny. The hotels are tranquil and some the height of luxury, it's easy to spend most of the days by the pool drinking cocktails. But, it's important to tear yourself away from the sun lounger and explore the dramatic landscapes and lush vegetation.

You'll see rice paddies aplenty, ornate temples and beautiful beaches. We travelled to this beautiful island for our honeymoon and despite it being nearly 20 years ago, I still have vivid memories of the friendly people, huge smiles, family gatherings and of the rich, diverse landscape. Oh, and that memory of cleaning and washing the pig in the river.

Flight Time from London: around 20 hours including stops

Time Difference: +7 hours

Daytime Temperatures: 27° C

Rainfall: 40 mm


Buckle up for one of the greatest experiences of your life. Every Summer the legendary Great Migration takes place across Kenya and Tanzania. By August, the wildebeest migration reaches Kenya's Masia Mara. it's a wildlife spectacle to witness some of the nearly 1.5 million wildebeest attempting to clamber across the Mara River whilst dodging the lying-in-wait lions and then once in the river, it's the stealthy crocodiles that they need to worry about.

Grab yourself a ringside (or riverside) seat in the safety of a safari vehicle!

There are lots of fabulous places to stay in the Masai Mara. After the dawn and dusk game drives, spend the day overlooking the plains and continue wildlife spotting. We've stayed at the Mara Serena Lodge who have individual, comfortable lodge rooms that have private balconies. The lodges have been sympathetically designed to blend into the landscape. during your stay, make sure you partake in a hippo pool breakfast, watching the wallowing hippos whilst enjoying a freshly prepared breakfast with the outdoor pool and seating area overlooking the expansive river and reserve.

Flight Time from London: 13 hours 30 minutes (including stops)

Time Difference: +2 hours

Daytime Temperatures: 26° C

Rainfall: 40 mm

Sri Lanka

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Kandy - credit Pixabay

Sri Lanka's beaches on the east coast are at the absolute best in August. Out at sea, Blue Whales and Sperm Whales have migrated to Sri Lanka in high numbers making it the perfect time to head out on a whale watching trip.

August is also the month to witness 'The Gathering' when hundreds of wild elephants can be found around the ancient reservoir in Minneriya National Park (located in the north Central Province). This is though to be the largest grouping of wild Asian elephants in the world.

Perhaps combine a stay with some time in Kandy which celebrates the Kandy Perahera - an annual festival of dancing and parades focused around the Sacred Tooth relic of Buddha.

Flight Time from London: 11 hours 30 minutes (to Colombo)

Time Difference: +5 hours 30 minutes

Daytime Temperatures: 23 - 33° C (depending on area visited)

Rainfall: varies vastly by region 14 - 211 mm