Fascinating Food Facts

Some of us are real food lovers. Others see food as 'fuel'. And, those who have Mageirocophobia, well, they've a fear of cooking. This is just one fascinating food fact we have and there are a few more interesting facts about food that we'd like to share.....

"Tying the Knot" with a Pretzel

Who knew that pretzels were once a symbol of love? In 1614, a royal Swiss couple used a pretzel in their wedding, to celebrate and seal their bond.

Some historians believe that this is where the saying "tying the knot" came from.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels


Top Takeaway Dish

For obvious reasons, this year was the year of the takeaway! But, what are we ordering? According to food delivery app Deliveroo, the most ordered meal in 2019 was the Poke Signature Super Proteine - a Hawaiian dish from Pokawa restaurants in Paris (raw fish is the main ingredient). The 2nd most popular? A humble cheeseburger from Five Guys in London.


Alcohol or Foodstuff?

Russia only classified beer as an alcoholic beverage in 2011. Prior to that time, any drink with less than 10% alcohol was simply considered a "foodstuff".


Weird Pizza Toppings

These pizza topping ideas may be weird to some - but don't knock it 'til you try it I say!

In Sweden, banana is a popular pizza topping, often paired with curry powder. Meanwhile in Russia, one of the most popular pizzas is the "mockba" which contains sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon and onions. Oh, by the way, it's traditionally served cold too. Hmmm ... may pass on that one.

Photo by Eneida Nieves from Pexels


There's normally 10 ....

When it comes to eating an orange, apparently there are normally 10 segments in one fruit?

As there are over 600 varieties of orange, we can't claim to have checked every one.

*** Heads off to find orange to peel ***


The Spam Museum

I loved a Spam Fritter as a kid. We used to have them in school, so imagine my delight when I round there was a Spam Museum, based in Minnesota, USA. This admission-free museum is a great place to worship the precooked meat product! So next time you're in Minnesota head to the Spam Museum.


Do you have Arachibutyrophobia?

Hate getting things stuck to the roof of your mouth? You may have Arachibutyrophobia ... the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth and being choked.

If that's the case, you won't be heading to Chicago restaurant PB & J who sell the world's most expensive Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich. It'll set you back a cool $350 but they justify this hefty price tag with gold leaf dusted bread, special redcurrant jam (imported from France), all-natural peanut butter and a rare Manuka honey from New Zealand.


No two meals the same

Pilots and Co-Pilots don't eat the same meal before a flight. It's pretty much common sense if you think about it.

This standard procedure has been introduced in case there are any issues such as food poisoning or worse, incapacitation.

I suppose, they will probably just have a choice of chicken or beef?


Step away from the Rhubarb (Leaves)

Don't eat rhubarb leaves. They're not safe.

Why? Well they contain Oxalic Acid and this can lead to stomach and kidney issues.

The juicy stems are lovely of course. And, you could try some Rhubarb & Ginger Jam.


A smashing wedding cake

Wedding cakes were once savoury. According to records, in Ancient Rome, a groom sealed his marriage by smashing a savoury barley cake over his bride's head.

It's great that some traditions haven't stood the test of time!


And there's more ...

Here are some quick facts, that could be interesting or prove useful in a quiz ...

  • Honey is basically bee vomit.

  • Too much nutmeg can cause hallucinations. YOU. HAVE. BEEN. WARNED.

  • Cucumbers are 96% water.

  • Eating kiwi fruit helps your body process protein.

  • Aubergines are actually classed as berries, not vegetables.

  • Allergic to latex? You are likely to be allergic to papaya too.

  • There are more than 3,000 varieties or pear in the world.

  • In Ancient Egypt, radish, onions and garlic were used as a form of payment and given to workers as wages.

  • Cranberries bounce if they're fresh.

  • Almonds are seeds, not nuts, and so are Cashews.

  • White chocolate isn't 'real' chocolate as it doesn't contain cacao solids but it does contain cocoa butter.

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