Food in season - August

August sees the shelves adorned with a whole host of seasonal fruit and vegetables. It's the best time to enjoy a wide range of deliciously sweet fruits as well as salads and vegetables.

Bought or grown too many? Then there's always the chance to pickle, jam and generally preserve.

So here are just some of the foods that are in season in August.


Figs probably originated in the Middle East and is one of the most ancient cultivated plants - after all, Adam & Eve used fig leaves! Figs are regarded by the Greeks as a symbol of fertility. Figs are delicious with cheese, prosciutto either eaten fresh, grilled or delicately poached.


We mostly associate sweetcorn being yellow, but it can be blue, red, white, orange and even purple. August is the best time to buy homegrown 'cobs' - perfect for barbecues or griddles and then served slightly charred with lashings of butter. Anyone else licking their lips at the thought?


To preserve the flavour of basil leaves, tear them rather than chopping. If you find a plant with smaller leaves and a pungent flavour it's likely to be Greek basil. Basil plants have cut and come again leaves so once you've used all of the leaves from a plant, don't throw it away, just cut down stems and in a few weeks you'll have more than enough fresh basil leaves to make homemade pesto. Did you know that you can eat basil flowers? Check out our list of edible flowers.


Rocket has a distinctive flavour that you'd probably know it straight away in a blind taste test. It has a slightly bitter, nutty and peppery flavour but if you prefer something milder, plump for younger leaves instead. Rocket is also known as Arugula. To make a quick and tasty salad, mix 4 tablespoons of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Drizzle over the rocket and scatter with coarse sea salt, black pepper and shavings of Parmesan cheese.


Did you know that British peaches are now commercially available - most likely as a result of heatwaves. The Peach Tree is a member of the rose family and is related to both the apricot and almond. They are a great source of vitamin A & C and a whole peach is less than 70 calories.

Food Events happening in August

If you need an excuse to enjoy a specific type of food in August, the food events happening in August may offer a little inspiration:

6th - International Beer Day

International Beer Day always falls on the first Friday in August. This celebration was conceived in the US but has come across the pond in recent years. With craft beers and breweries popping up around the country, this event gives you the excuse to crack open a bottle to celebrate.

Beer 52 has been named as offering the Best Craft Beer Subscription Box (by BBC Good Food Magazine). You can choose to receive 8, 10 or 12 beers a month (which can be mixed with stouts and porters) and you get a monthly magazine and a snack too.

Sign up to Beer 52 from £24 a month.

9th - 15th - National Allotments Week

It may take hours of time, digging, weeding, watering and general maintenance but there's nothing better tasting than some homegrown fruit and veg. There are an estimated 330,000 allotment plots in England. The National Allotment Society has a brief history of allotments.

9th - 15th - Afternoon Tea Week

Who doesn't enjoy an afternoon tea? But the question is - should it be jam first or cream first? For a different flavour, why not go for a ginger scone with a rhubarb & ginger jam? For something classic then there's nothing better than a Cherry & Almond Cake. If chocolate is your thing, then go for Cinnamon & Nutella Muffins

13th - National Prosecco Day

According to a taste test by BBC Good Food Magazine in December 2020:

Best Budget Prosecco goes to Aldi's Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore NV and is priced at just £7.99. They describe it as "Probably the best value prosecco on the market. Though there's quite a bit of sweetness, it's light, clean and not in any way cloying. The creamy, slightly yeasty finish gives it a note of sophistication.

Best crowd-pleasing Prosecco goes to Taste the Difference Prosecco di Conegliano Brut 2016 from Sainsbury's, priced at £10.99. BBC Good Food said "Most prosecco is non-vintage but this one comes from a specific year

16th - National Rum Day:

Rum is tipped to be the next big thing and set to be as popular as gin. Whether you plan to make cocktails or do some baking, BBC Good Food have lots of rum recipes to try.

26th - National Burger Day

There's now an official excuse to enjoy a burger! Our Tomato & Pepper Relish is the perfect burger topper. It's full of flavour thanks to the fresh tomatoes and red and yellow peppers but it's the pop of the mustard seeds that really makes the difference.

Where to buy seasonal food

For seasonal food, head to the local greengrocer, butcher and fishmonger. Support your local farm shop too - to find out the shop closest to you, Farming UK has a list and interactive map.

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