Food in Season - June

By June, Summer is in the air. The first signs of all our homegrown hard work starts to pay dividend with early crops of fruit and vegetables. If you're out and about foraging, remember to be completely sure what you are picking and to wash it thoroughly before using.

There's lots of gorgeous, brilliant foods in season in June. Let us know your favourites.

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Courgette with flower
Image Credit: Pexels Karolina Grabowska

Broad Beans

- also known as fava beans

Did you know that you can also eat young broad beans in their pod - like mangetout? As the beans get older, the pods become tougher so only use young pods. Harvest broad beans from the bottom of the plant first. A good way to see if the beans are ready is to pop a pod and check what's inside. If you have a glut of beans, it's also possible to freeze them too.


Courgettes are baby marrows. There are lots of varieties - white, green and yellow. Pick courgettes when they are small and tender. you can even eat the flowers. They are usually stuffed before being baked or fried. Tip: wash the flowers well before use and make sure there are no insects hidden inside.

Salad Leaves

Cut & Come again salad leaves need regular harvesting. We recommend that you cut them the same day as you eat them.


Harvest as soon as the head has formed. If it's left too long the leaves will turn bitter.

Root Vegetables

Thin out rows of spring onions, carrots and beetroots.

Harvesting a few whilst they're small gives space for the others to grow and fatten up!

Still in Season ...

Asparagus, rhubarb and watercress are still in season and rather than repeat ourselves, there's more on our post about Food in Season in May

Food events happening in June

There are lots of excuses to enjoy food throughout the month of June. Here are just some of the food events happening this month:

1st - World Milk Day

4th - National Fish & Chip Day

4th - National Doughnut Day

4th - National Cheese Day

5th - 11th - Great British Pea Week

12th - World Gin Day

12th - International Falafel Day

14th - 20th - Nutrition & Hydration Week

14th - 18th - Healthy Eating Week

15th - Beer Day Britain

17th - Cupcake Day - Alzheimer's Society

18th - International Sushi Day

19th - 27th - National Picnic Week

19th - 27th - English Wine Week

20th - Father's Day

25th - National Cream Tea Day

Where to buy seasonal food

Whilst supermarkets are a convenient option that sell great quality, it's important that we support small, independent retailers. So why not visit your local butcher or fishmonger? Grab a bargain from the greengrocer. Visit your local farm shop - to find out the shop closest to you, Farming UK has a list and interactive map.

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