Fornio - the next Quinoa?

When you're over quinoa, the next ancient grain set to takeover is fornio. It's big in America, so it's only a matter of time before it becomes as popular in the UK.

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Fornio - the next big ancient grain

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Unlike rice, corn and wheat, ancient grains are abundant in vitamins and minerals. So we've been indulging in buckwheat, spelt and millet and of course everyone's favourite quinoa has been in abundance, especially on restaurant menus. As well as being high in protein, ancient grains are considered to boost your diet as they include stress-fighting B vitamins, magnesium, iron and fibre for gut health.

But, when it comes to health benefits the smallest new grain on the block - fornio - packs the most powerful punch.

What is Fornio?

  • Africa's oldest cultivated grain

  • A member of the millet family

  • A great source of complex carbohydrates

  • A gluten free grain

  • Low GI

  • Lower in calories (140 calories per cup vs 216 calories for brown rice)

  • High in amino acids

  • A product of climate-smart agriculture. It is sustainably produced with high productivity with having low greenhouse gases

  • No deep ploughing is required and is not harmful to the soil

  • It is resilient to a variety of soil types and varying rainfall

But what does it taste like?

  • It's light and fluffy

  • Has a slightly nutty taste

  • Has an earthy flavour

  • Soaks up spices and sauces, so a good substitute for quinoa or couscous

  • Perfectly replaces any grain in recipes

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