Gardening Jobs for August

With the nights drawing in, August is a good time to get ahead with gardening jobs. There's lots to be getting on with both amongst the flower borders, vegetable plot and the greenhouse.


  • Deadhead dahlias, roses and other perennials to encourage a constant display of blooms.

  • Deadhead hanging baskets to keep them tidy and encourage future flowering.

  • By now, wildflower meadows should be ready to mow or strim as seeds will have been self-set.

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Protect blackberries from hungry birds with netting or fleece.

  • Continue to feed tomatoes. To help with air circulation and to prevent disease, remove the lower levels of tomato plants.

  • Cut back herbs to encourage new growth. If there are too many to use, dry or freeze them to use over the winter.

  • Harvest courgettes, gherkins and cucumbers before they get too big.

  • Pick runner beans while they are young to prevent them from being tough and stringy.

Other Jobs

  • If you keep compost in a bin, it's a good time to turn it over to keep it aerated and to speed up decomposition.

  • If you prefer not to use a weedkiller, try using boiling water instead. Pour it onto weeds and you should start to notice them wilting in a few days.

  • Continue to check hedges before trimming. Blackbirds and thrushes can continue to nest well into August.

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