Garden Jobs for May

May can be an unpredictable month. The chances of having a frost one week and a mini heatwave the next is quite probable. Having said that, there are plenty of jobs that we can still crack on with - just watch the weather forecasts and be mindful of any cold weather.

"A wet and windy May fills the barn with grain and hay"


  • After all risks of frost has passed, plant out dahlia tubers, cannas etc.

  • Plant up your summer hanging baskets but keep them inside in a greenhouse, porch or conservatory for a few weeks. This will allow them time to establish before hanging outdoors.

  • Again, after all of the frosts have gone, plant out tender annuals like sunflowers and cosmos.

  • During the daytime, harden off bedding plants that you have grown indoors - but remember to bring them in at night!

Fruit & Vegetables

  • 'Earth up' your potatoes to protect them from frost and daylight. Cover their shoots with soil as they appear.

  • Sow things like dwarf beans, runner beans - once all signs of frost has passed.

  • Sow salad leaves and spring onions. For a longer, continuous crop, sow a small amount every few weeks.

  • Pick rhubarb stems to encourage crop growth. Enjoy the fruits of your labour in a pie or crumble. Alternatively, we have a great recipe for Rhubarb & Ginger Jam. Remember - the large, green leaves are poisonous so compost them instead.

Greenhouse Jobs

  • As the weather warms up, water crops like tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes.

  • Stabilise tomatoes, cucumbers, gherkins and cucamelons using canes and netting. This allows them to scramble and grow.

  • On warm days, open greenhouse doors and/or vents. Remember to close them in the evening!

And also ...

  • Before you grab the hedge cutters and you start to prune and cut back, check shrubs, hedges and trees for nesting birds.

  • Regularly feed the birds - who will be nesting and feeding. make sure they have plenty of water too.

  • Continue to deadhead tulips and the last of the daffodils.

  • Weed borders rather than using weedkiller as it can be harmful to bees.

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