Garden Jobs for March

The weather is getting better so it's a great time to get out in the fresh air and tackle those all-important gardening jobs. To help give a little inspiration, here are a list of gardening jobs to tackle in March.

Garden Maintenance

Mow the lawn

Once there's sign of growth, dust off the lawnmower and mow the lawn on a high setting - there's still some frost so don't cut the grass too short. For a tidy finish, edge the lawn.

Carry on Composting

Dig over your compost bin / compost heap to encourage mulching. You'll be amazed how the birds will flock for the sight of a juicy worm.

Keep feeding the birds

With breeding season on the horizon, the garden birds will be looking for extra energy. Keep the bird feeders topped up and make sure there's plenty of water for them too.

Slug it out

Slugs will start to creep out. So, now is the time to put out barrier products around susceptible plants like Hostas. For an organic option, why not use pistachio shells? The shells are too salty and rough for slugs and snails to cross so scatter them around the plants that are at danger of being eaten!


Sowing seeds

For summer flowers, start sowing seeds now. It's important to keep them frost-free. A good way of doing this is to use a propagator.

Daffodils in bloom

Once the daffodils have finished blooming, don't cut down them down. Instead, pick off the daffodil seed heads allowing the foliage to die back naturally. This allows the goodness to go back into the bulb and ensure abundant flowers the following years. You should also use this method for other similar spring bulbs.

Create a mini meadow

Native wildflowers are great for pollinating insects. Wildflowers can cover a large area so they are ideal for use in the garden or on rough, uncultivated ground. Sow some this month.

Pot on Plug Plants

If you've not already ordered plug plants for summer fruit, vegetables and bedding plants then do it quick! Pre-ordered items will start to be despatched in late March to start potting on.

Fruit & Vegetables

Grow your own

Sow your fruit and vegetable seeds - but it's important to keep them frost free. Now is the time to set tomatoes, chillies, peppers, aubergines, gherkins, melons, beans etc.

Early Potatoes

If you've chitted some potatoes, for early harvest, plant some in trenches on your vegetable plot. If you're short on space use large, deep tubs.

Fresh Herbs

There's nothing nicer than going outdoors to pick some fresh herbs to add to salads, soups or to make a delicious herb butter. This month, buy young herbs to plant in a convenient picking position - somewhere by the back door is the perfect spot!

Onions & Shallots

Make sure you plant onion and shallot sets about 10cm - 15cm apart. Keep weeding them!

Happy gardening. Here's to some warm, sunny days!

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