Halloween made Easy!

If you're short on time then we've some Halloween recipes ideas that are quick to make - and use things that are already in your cupboard or fridge. Here are some easy ways to make a spooky looking Halloween banquet.

Halloween Broomsticks

These look great and are made in minutes.

Halloween Broomsticks Recipe

You'll need breadsticks (plain grissini or cheese straw) and cheesestrings (or supermarket own brand equivalent).

Pull the cheese into strings and cut to length to make the witches broom. Wrap the cheese around the breadstick and secure by tying another piece of cheese. Et voila - witches Halloween broomsticks.

Serve: with a Halloween 'blood' sauce - either a spicy Thai Sweet Chilli or a mix of Ketchup and Mayonnaise.

Halloween Spiders

These bad boys can be made in minutes and you only need 3 ingredients.

Halloween Spiders Recipe

Take your favourite cracker - a classic cream cracker, water biscuit or Cornish Wafer.

Next slice a good chunk of cheese. We used Red Leicester for colour.

Make the spiders. For the body, slice a pitted black olive along the length and place on top of the cheese (cut size down). Then slice the other half into small pieces to make the legs. Finally, the spider head is made from slicing another olive in half.

Halloween Graveyard Cake

This is something that the kids or grand-kids might like to help with. This Halloween Cake recipe is really easy to make.

Halloween Graveyard Cake Recipe

We made a simple chocolate sponge:

6oz caster sugar and 6oz margarine beaten together until light and fluffy. Then add 3 beaten eggs and mixed in 5oz self raising flour and 1oz of cocoa powder (sifted). We also added about two thirds of a jar of black cherries with kirsch (because we like to be a bit bougee at times!).

The sponge was baked in an 8 inch square tin at 175 degrees for around 15 minutes.

To make the graveyard soil, trim the cake and blitz in a food processor. Then top with your decorations of choice. We made fondant bones and graves from sponge fingers.

You could use this concept to make a pumpkin patch cake too. Perhaps next year!

If you have bought a Pumpkin then we have a gorgeous Pumpkin Soup recipe as well as Roasted Pumpkin Seeds that you could also serve at a Halloween buffet.

We hope you like our Halloween recipe ideas.

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