OGGS Aquafaba

When food intolerance tests revealed that the main culprit to my tummy trouble was eggs, I was surprised. Very surprised. It was a sad bye-bye to egg noodles, biscuits, cake (OK not altogether true as I have lapsed on occasion) and most of all, it was 'sayonara' to one of my all-time seasonal favourites - pancakes!

Can you imagine my delight when I recently came across OGGS who make Aquafaba - a convenient egg alternative that you can use in cooking and baking.

Aquafaba is derived from chickpea extract, so it's 100% plant based and therefore a store-cupboard must-have for anyone following a vegan diet. There's no added sugar and it's fat free. At just 9 calories per 50ml portion - could this really be too good to be true? Could it be time to once again say hello to some egg-cellent recipes? It was time to find out.

As Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday to give it it's proper title) was approaching, I decided to don my pinny and whip up some batter - something I hadn't done in years.

Instructions state you should shake well before use (according to the pack this should be Hey-Ya like, and, Shake it like a Polaroid Camera"). Emptying the contents of the recyclable tetra pak, I was a little surprised to find a brown watery like substance. I suppose this is quite obvious to many - given aquafaba is derived from chickpeas, it was almost certain to be a muddy-brown colour - but it took me a few seconds to catch on.

In a clean bowl, I whisked up the liquid. Now, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to these things so I used my electric whisk and it took less than a minutes for the brown liquid to transform into a white, meringue-like state.

I was absolutely amazed how the aquafaba made a lovely silky, smooth batter. If you want to see the pancake recipe I made, check it out here.

My pancake recipe didn't use the full 200ml from the pack but I'm not concerned it will go to waste as amazingly, once it's open, you can keep in the fridge for 7 days. I can't wait to try my hand at some of the other OGGS recipes later in the week. Will it be cookies, cakes, ice cream, muffins or brownies? Oh, how I've missed you all and now thanks to OGGS Aquafaba I can enjoy you guilt-free and pain-free once again.

Quick Facts:

  • Pack Size: 200ml or the equivalent to 4 eggs (50ml / 3 tbsps equates to 1 medium egg).

  • Packaging is fully recyclable

  • Accredited by the Vegan Society

  • 100% Liquid Chickpea Extra

  • 9 calories per portion

  • No added sugar

  • Fat Free

  • Best before - the pack I had has a good 10 months on it before it needs to be used

  • Buy from: Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and ASDA stores nationwide and various online outlets

  • Cost - just £1.95

No payment has been received for this recipe post, but the lovely folk at OGGS did kindly send us two packs of the OGGS Aquafaba for us to try. Why not follow them at @loveoggs?

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