Making it personal

We all have our little traditions don't we? For us, it's creating a personalised calendar each year to remind us of some of the most beautiful or interesting places we have been.

Choosing just 13 images ...

It's become a labour of love. Each year, we painstakingly go through the photos we've taken on our various trips over the year. Our favourites are narrowed down before we eventually decide on our favourite 13 calendar images. It's 13 as we need one for each month plus another for the front cover!

This year, we've had to use throwback photos. Our 2020 trips have been postponed, along with the ones we had planned so far for 2021. So, we decided to split the year in half and go with 6 snowy and 6 sunny pictures.

The six snowy pictures were tough. On our trip to Antarctica last November with Hurtigruten we took nearly a thousand photos. Whittling them down to just 6 was ... well, a challenge. We had to include a penguin shot though. They are such funny, cute, amazing creatures and make you smile every time you see them: the perfect calendar photo to look at each month. So, for February we chose a couple of kissing Chinstrap penguins - it's Valentine's month after all.

The remaining snowy images had to be of the stunning icebergs that we saw. Believe it or not, there's so much colour in Antarctica with different shades of blues, greens, silvers, even pinks at times. As you glide past the icebergs they change colour as the sun hits them - it's mesmorising.

But, we didn't want to be looking at icebergs in June. Our sunny photographs are mainly taken in our favourite destination - the Maldives. Most were taken at Atmosphere Kanifushi. We love this beautiful, magical place and hope to go back someday soon. For the month of April, we've picked one of our favourite images that we managed to capture: a baby Blacktip Reef Shark 'playing with' (read: eating) his fellow fishy friends.

The calendar helps recall happy times so the images we choose are important. They transport you back there for a short while. All of sudden, you are reminded of the sound of the waves lapping up to shore or of the hermit crabs scrabbling up to shore each evening.

Putting the calendar together this year was different. It gave us the opportunity to look back on places we'd visited many moons ago. So making an appearance this year is our favourite shot of a beach in the Seychelles, taken way back in 2008. And, a reminder of our trip to Borneo when we saw some super-cute orphan orangutans high up in the trees at a rehabilitation centre.

Our calendar was from Funky Pigeon. You can make a calendar at any time of the year, as you can choose which month you wish to start and it then runs for a further 12 months. For example, our calendar goes from February 2021 through to January 2022.