Product Review - Aldi Sourdough Sticks

I saw this new product in Aldi. I always find bake at home bread a great option for us. It's a convenient way to have fresh-tasting bread. Here's what we thought about these Stone Baked Breadsticks.

When I bought the breadsticks they were on offer for just £1 - so trying them was a bit of a no brainer. They only need baking for 8 - 10 minutes.

I think Aldi offers some great value for money and their products are of really good quality - considering the price. But, for us, on this occasion we felt that they'd fallen a bit short on taste. I don't know whether they needed more seasoning or perhaps they are better suited to eat with soup (in that you enjoy them with something with plenty of flavour). I do wonder whether they'd have been better shaped smaller and thinner (so more like a breadstick that has a snap).

Unfortunately, they weren't for us :(

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