Scandi-inpsired Christmas Tree

Being at home more means there's more time for creativity. Time to do all the things you're thought about doing, but never got around to. For me, it was making some homemade Christmas decorations.

It's been a tough year. It's made me really appreciate the simple things in life. It's also given me the chance to get creative - on a budget. Because, it doesn't have to cost a lot.

We have a lovely dogwood at the very bottom of the garden. In the winter, it's bright red stems are vibrant. It's a bit of a waste as we can't really see it from the house and it looks too good to not put it to good use. So, with the help of Mr P, we chose some straight stems without really knowing what we were going to do with them!

I wanted something that could be free-standing on the hearth or to put in the kitchen window. So, I decided on a Scandi-inspired tree - minimal but hopefully stylish!

We started out with the main trunk, the largest and thickest of the stems we picked. After all needed to be robust! We cut this to 48cm tall. The base stem was then cut to 36cm, with 10 further stems cut 3cm less on each.

The stems were then simply tied with natural hessian twine. To secure upright, we filled a festive green plant pot with horticultural grit.

In the end, we decided on putting it in the kitchen window.

Happy Christmas xx

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