The trials & tribulations of home grown

Pigeons. Frost. Slugs. Carrot Fly. These are all battles we face in the challenge to grown our own. But, the ordeals outweigh the benefits. Nothing. Tastes. Better.

We don't have the luxury of lots of space to grow our own veggies, we make the most of what we've got. This year, in the raised beds we have radish, beetroot, lettuce, peas, broad beans and carrots. But, to protect our precious crop, we've needed to bird-proof!

It's important to 'pigeon-proof'. Despite us providing the birds with a veritable feast of sunflower seeds and bird seed, given half the chance they also like dining out on our peas, lettuce - even the beetroot is in danger!

Top Tip for growing carrots

Carrot fly is rife. But, one way to avoid this pest is to grow carrots like we do in raised beds. It will be the third successful crop this year. Apparently (according to Mr P), carrot fly is always at ground level so by just raising the height, you'll avoid the pesky blighters.

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