Top 10 Popular Holiday Destinations

These are the Top 10 popular holiday destinations as searched on Skyscanner. But, do you agree? We've put together our own Top 10 destinations which we've shared here too.

Skyscanner's Top 10 most popular travel destinations:

  1. New York

  2. Bangkok

  3. Amsterdam

  4. Dubai

  5. Dublin

  6. Malaga

  7. Alicante

  8. Lagos

  9. Barcelona

  10. Orlando

Food Travel More's Top 10 destinations:

  1. Maldives - having read our blog posts (so far) this should hardly be a surprise! We've been lucky to have visited these jaw-droppingly beautiful islands a few times and our favourite is Atmosphere Kanifushi, but there's plenty still left to visit! It's a place where we completely switch off and relax, although Mr P much preferred it a few years ago when you couldn't get any phone signal and there wasn't any WiFi.

  2. Hong Kong - I was lucky enough to visit Hong Kong when it was still (just) under British rule - yep I'm that old. It also meant that we landed at the old airport when the pilot had to navigate the plane in amongst the skyscrapers, and as you came into land you could see people cooking in their kitchens. Ahh, I miss that scary encounter. We also spent our honeymoon in this fabulous city and I'd love to ride the Star Ferry again. But hopefully we wouldn't encounter a typhoon this time and finally be able to get to the top of Victoria Peak without being evacuated.

  3. Thailand - I think my main love of Thailand is all down to the food. So much so I made Mr P partake in a Thai Cooking Class. I also have a real love of elephants and the sanctuary's there are fantastic (make sure they don't allow you to ride). And don't get me started on the temples but Mr P often gets 'Templed out'.

  4. Dubai - for us this city is easy. There's 3 daily flights from Manchester (well there was before Covid, so let's hope they soon return). The weather is usually dry, warm and sunny (although we did manage to encounter a thunderstorm whilst at the top of the Burj Khalifa - the world's tallest building). The hotels are magnificent, the food excellent, it's easy to navigate and super-clean. For me, I'd especially recommend Dubai as a great beach getaway for a solo female traveller. It's incredibly safe and there are plenty of shopping malls to wander around!

  5. Krakow - It's worth visiting for the Cherry Vodka alone. The coffee shop culture and restaurant scene are interesting, whether it's the food that's served or the location (from converted cinemas, vaulted cellars). Make sure that you visit Auschwitz and Birkenau Camps whilst you are there. A truly humbling experience. And, what's more as it sits out of the EU you often get more "vodka for your buck".

  6. Dinard - Why is it so good? As well as being a short flight from the UK, it's easy (and cheap) to get there. It has a great beach location (perfect for people watching). You can catch the ferry to St Malo to wander around the cobbled streets, enjoy Brittany's best cuisine (especially the tasty buckwheat galettes that you enjoy with a 'cup' of cider) and Dinan - a beautiful Medieval town is just a short drive away.

  7. Seychelles - planning a holiday to the Seychelles? Go island hopping. The Seychelles are absolutely beautiful. You must visit La Digue where cars are 'banned' and you cycle everywhere. Top Tip: the seasons are the same as the UK so the best times to visit are April - October.

  8. Leeds - yep, it's a bit of a curve ball this one. But, for a UK city break, we love Leeds. It's great for shopping: there's the high street favourites and the Victorian arcades. Plus there's plenty of gorgeous restaurants and bars.

  9. Iceland - a fascinating country. When you land at the airport, you feel like you've landed on the moon. In places the landscape is pretty barren and then there are beautiful waterfalls, hot springs and the unique Blue Lagoon. It's on our list to return and take a trip onto the glaciers.

  10. Antarctica - if you have the chance - GO! Everyday there are 'pinch me' moments - from the first time you see a penguin to the grey seals and icebergs. We enjoyed the trip so much and had so much to share that there is a Part One and Part Two to the blog posts.

There are still plenty of places on our bucket list - including South Africa and Tanzania. So hopefully in the next couple of years we can revise this Top 10.

Where are your favourite places? Leave us a comment in the box below.

L-R: Seychelles, Dinard, Thailand