Where to travel in November

The nights here in the UK are darker and feel so much longer. So, November is the perfect month to escape and revel in some Winter sun - either a short haul hop or long haul holiday. But, it's also summer in the southern hemisphere so it's also a good time for an adventurous trip too. Eating is a big part of going on holiday so we've also suggested some local dishes to try while you're there.

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1. Where to travel in November - Muscat, Oman

Get some winter sun as Muscat in Oman is an ideal destination to holiday in November
Where to travel in November - Muscat, Oman

With temperatures dropping, November is a great time to holiday in Muscat, Oman. Take a one-day trip into the Al-Hajar mountains, the highest mountain range in the country is often referred to as the 'Grand Canyon of the Middle East'.

Haggle in the Muscat souks for jewellery, textiles and souvenirs. Unlike it's United Arab Emirates neighbour, Muscat is much more understated.

Travelling as a couple? Then a good hotel option may be Shangri-La Al Husn Resort & Spa.

Average Daytime Temperature

30° C

Flight Time from the UK

7 hours 25 minutes

Time Difference

+3 hours GMT

What to eat in Muscat

Omani cuisine has Indian, Arabian and Lebanese influences. It's a meat-eaters paradise with chicken and lamb central to many main dishes. In fact, vegetarians may struggle eating outside of Muscat.

L-R: Khubz Ragag, Chicken Kabouli, Muscat Dates

Karak Tea: Similar to perhaps the better known Masala Chai, the base ingredients of black tea, evaporated milk, water and sugar are the same but the spices differ giving it a true, local flavour. In Oman, it's the cardamom that gives Karak Tea it's distinct taste and unmistakable tea.

Dates: The national fruit of Oman and there are plantations and varieties aplenty (more than 250 if you're interested). They are used in both sweet and savoury dishes and often enjoyed on their own as an snack - especially with a cup of coffee.

Chicken Kabouli: This traditional Omani dish is similar to Biryani. Basmati rice is flavoured with spices (cardamom, coriander, cloves and cinnamon) as well as soft, fried onions and chicken. Finished with sultanas, dates and nuts.

Khubz Ragag: This simple Omani bread is made of just three ingredients - flour, water and salt. It's a flatbread in style and can also be flavoured with (one of the 250 varieties of) dates - look out for Khubz Mardhouf.


2. Where to travel in November - The Canary Islands

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Holiday ideas for November - The Canary Islands

A short hop from the UK and a popular Winter sun destination. There's more to the Canaries than all-day English breakfasts and giant fish bowls of neon-coloured cocktails.

In Tenerife, head to Santa Cruz for contemporary art and architecture.

Lanzarote is the most north easterly of the Canary Islands. Timanfaya National Park is home to 100 volcanoes that make a lunar-like landscape.

Gran Canaria is easy to explore as it's only 30 miles long. Head to the top of Roque Noble - a UNESCO natural monument where you can see Tenerife in the distance.

Fuerteventura is the closest to Africa and is known for having some of the best beaches.

Average Daytime Temperature

23° C

Flight Time from the UK

4 hours 30 minutes

Time Difference


What should I eat in The Canary Islands?

As well as being home to a wide range of exceptional quality international restaurants, there are some really tasty local dishes to enjoy whilst holidaying in The Canary Islands.

L-R: Canarian Potatoes, Ropa Vieja, Bienmesabe

Canarian Potatoes: you'll also see them referred to as Papas Arrugadas on menus. The Volcanic earth and climate produces smaller potatoes within a unique taste and texture. 'Arrugadas' means wrinkled and these potatoes are served just liked that having been boiled in their skins and salted. Sometimes you'll see them dressed with a topping of spicy sauce - or Mojo Picon.

Ropa Vieja: traditionally made from leftovers, this stew is made with chicken, pork or beef along with vegetables and chickpeas (garbanzo beans) - oh, and a side of Canarian potatoes.

Baifo: marinated goat steeped in herbs that include oregano, bay and thyme - and lots of garlic. Expect to see those Canarian potatoes again.

Bienmesabe: made in Gran Carania, the name translates as "tastes good to me", this is a soft puree of ground almonds, egg yolk, sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon. It is usually served with cream or ice cream.


3. Where to travel in November - Kerala, India

November is the start of Kerala's dry season. After the monsoon, the landscape is rich and green. If you like beaches, head to Kovalam. If you're more of a wildlife enthusiast, the Wayanad is a great place to spot elephants, leopards and Asiatic tigers. Thekkady is famous for coffee and tea plantations and home to India's largest tiger reserves.

Average Daytime Temperature

31° C

Flight Time from the UK

from 10 hours

Time Difference

+5 hours 30 minutes GMT

What to eat in Kerala

Keralan cuisine is fresh, delicious and tasty. Rice, fish and coconut are common ingredients in almost all Keralan food.

L-R: Idiyappam, Puttu & Kadala Curry, Palada Payasam

Idiyappam: made of rice flour, water and salt, idiyappam are strands of vermicelli entwined together.

Puttu & Kadala Curry: Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake that is cooked with coconut. It's a popular breakfast item usually served with a Kadala Curry that is made from chickpeas.

Kerala-style Beef Fry: slow roasted in spices, onions, curry leaves fried in coconut oil.


4. Where to travel in November - Cuba

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Where to travel in November - Cuba

Cuba still has that old-school charm so if you can, go before it changes forever. Combine a trip to the capital - Havana. Here you can wander amongst the colonial style buildings with many retaining the 1920's ambience experienced by Ernest Hemingway. Away from the capital, there are beautiful, expansive beaches with powder-white sand as well as a vibrant music scene and laid-back lifestyle. What's not to love?

Average Daytime Temperature

29° C

Flight Time from the UK

10 hours

Time Difference

-5 hours GMT

What to eat in Cuba

Cuban food is a blend of African, Spanish and other Caribbean cuisines. Enjoy a wide array of spices and cooking methods.

L-R: Cuban Black Bean Soup, Frita Cubana, Arroz con Huevo

Cuban Black Bean Soup: a traditional blend of black beans, oregano and avocado.

Frita Cubana: invented in Havana, this is a burger variety with Cuban origins. Made with a cuban roll, ground beef, onions, seasonings and julienne potatoes.

Arroz con Huevo: this is a lazy and very simple lunch dish of rice topped with a fried egg.

Ropa Vieja: like Canarian cuisine, Cuban cuisine also has Spanish roots and like in the Canary Islands, you'll find Ropa Vieja on menus too. The Cuban version is often served with some fried plantain too.


5. Where to travel in November - Antarctica

Chinstrap penguins in Antarctica, which is a great holiday destination to visit in November.
Antarctica in November

It's summer in Antarctica. The ice starts to calve and the penguins make their annual pilgrimage to land. You'll witness them nest building and plenty of penguin porn (otherwise known as mating) and if you're lucky you'll spot the odd newly laid egg.

It's also a great place to get active with snow-shoeing up the hills, staying overnight on the ice and kayaking amongst the icebergs. Nature enthusiasts will love the opportunity to capture penguins, seals and bird life - just remember to take an empty memory card and your camera charger.

To find out how we got on in Antarctica, read part one and part two here. As well as those all-important packing tips!

Average Daytime Temperature

-1° C

Flight Time from the UK

19 hours (plus stopover)

Time Difference

-3 hours GMT typically observed on cruises

What you may eat in Antarctica

Here's what you may enjoy like we did on our Antarctic cruise with Hurtigruten.

L-R: Gravadlax, Reindeer, King Crab

Seafood: from gravadlax to caviar, there's always an impressive fresh fish and seafood display.

Reindeer: yep, Rudolph is often on the menu. It has a distinct, gamey taste and best enjoyed with a lingonberry sauce.

King Crab: before boarding the cruise in Ushuaia, there are plenty of restaurants serving the distinctive Red King Crab. They're big, tasty and have a thin shell that makes way for the delicate, snow white meat.


6. Where to travel in November - Las Vegas & Grand Canyon

Viva Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas! Where else in the world can you ride a gondola one minute and admire the Eiffel Tower the next (albeit replicas). In the evening, head to the Bellagio Hotel for fantastic fountain displays or perhaps take in a show.

Combine a trip to the city that never sleeps with the natural wonder that is the Grand Canyon. Don't panic, you don't have to spend too long away from the gaming tables as day trips are readily available from all major hotels (often via the Hoover Dam). We used Pink Adventure Tours.

Average Daytime Temperature

21° C

Flight Time from the UK

10 hours 50 minutes

Time Difference

-8 hours GMT

What should I eat in Las Vegas?

Big portions, big choice - expect big! There are lots of smart upmarket restaurants as well as cheap eats so there's something for everyone's budget.

L-R: Buffet, Prime Rib, Shrimp Cocktail

Buffet: No visit to Las Vegas is complete without a trip to an all-you-can-eat buffet. It's perfect for big appetites and picky eaters as the choice is immense. Even the multi-starred top hotels like the Bellagio have a buffet offer.

Prime Rib: the King of casino dining. You'll often see Prime Rib as a centrepiece of buffets as well as on a la carte menus.

Shrimp Cocktail: a Vegas cliche that you'll find as an appetiser on menus, or a focal point to a buffet. Traditionally served in a tulip sundae glass with lettuce.


7. Where to travel in November - Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires, Argentina - a good place to visit in November

Buenos Aires is the perfect stopover on the way to Antarctica. In November, the japonica blooms and shrouds the city in a blanket of vibrant blue flowers. If your time is limited, we'd recommend a hop-on hop-off bus tour which takes in all the major sights - Parliament Buildings, Tango Halls, La Boca and of course, the football stadium.

Average Daytime Temperature

25° C

Flight Time from the UK

14 hours

Time Difference

-3 hours GMT

What to eat in Buenos Aires?

It's a carnivores paradise so sit back and enjoy the steaks accompanied with a rich glass of Argentinian Malbec.

L-R: Empanadas, Chimichurri, Dulce de Leche

Empanadas: the Argentinian alternative to a Cornish Pasty! Deep-fried or baked pasties with sweet or savoury fillings.

Chimichurri: the go-to condiment that's a green salsa of parsley, oregano, onion, garlic, chilli that is finely chopped and mixed with olive oil, lemon or vinegar.

Choripan: the ultimate Argentinian street food. Pork and beef chorizo, flame-cooked and topped with spicy chimichurri enveloped in a crusty bread roll.

Dulce de Leche: otherwise known as milk jam, it's found in abundance in the shops and on menus. Made by slowly heating milk and sugar until it becomes caramelly and oh so indulgent.

Images: Pexels, PIxabay, Flikr